Information for the collector or researcher of antique clothing, 1900 through 1939.  Profusely illustrated with fashion designs of the time.
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Reference Book of Women's Vintage Clothing: 1900-1909
412 pages of Edwardian clothing and accessories.  An encyclopedic listing from Aprons to Wedding Attire.
copyright 2003        
Reference Book of Women's Vintage Clothing: 1910-1919
410 pages covering the end of the Edwardian era, up to the nineteen twenties.  From Aprons to Wedding Attire.
copyright 2006
Reference Book of Men's Vintage Clothing: 1900-1919
300 pages of what the well dressed, and not so well dressed gentleman, wore in the early twentieth century.
                                                 copyright 1992
Reference Book of Children's Vintage Clothing: 1900-1919
350 pages.  Three sections: babies, girls, and boys.  This volume covers all styles of clothing for children, from infants to teens.                        
  copyright 1996
Reference Book of Women's Vintage Clothing: 1920-1929
350 pages.  These are the "flapper" years with the fabulous beaded dresses and adorable cloche hats.  Everything you need to know to dress like the era.
copyright 1994
Reference Book of Women's Vintage Clothing: 1930-1939
504 pages.  This is the most comprehensive book of our series, covering the variety of looks of the 1930s.  You'll love the fashions!
copyright 1999
All our books are in an 8 1/2"x11" size with full color covers.  Nearly all pages are in a two column format with one column of copy and one column of illustration.  The content is alphabetical by chapter and chronological by year. They have extensive glossaries and bibliographies.  All the information comes from original fashion magazines, catalogues and designer information of the time.
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